CaféX Makes Everyone a Software Developer and Other News from the UC World

Unified Communications Continues to be a Driving Force and Major Brands Focus on Streamlining

This week’s Unified Communications top stories focus on how technology is streamlining experiences for everyone. New software by CaféX allows companies to manage their own collaboration technologies without developers and Verizon is selling major assets to focus on its primary source of revenue. Unified Communications is becoming a vital part of the office as well as car shopping experience. Finally, one news report breaks down salary figures for major tech jobs in the new year.

1. Kickstarting Customer Engagement

On No Jitter, Dr. Brent Kelly described how the new CaféX KickStart wizard allows customer engagement representatives at different companies to implement collaboration sessions without a programmer. This comes into play when companies add chat buttons to their websites or want to make enhancement to their websites or apps. The new software will save resources, time and money.

2. Major Mobile Provider Selling Data Centers

According to Greg Roumeliotis and Liana B. Baker at Reuters, Verizon is selling its data center assets in hopes to earn more than $2.5 billion. The telecommunications corporation is moving toward a concentration on its fundamental business, which is wireless communication. Reuters reports that many telecommunications companies are getting rid of their data centers because they can’t keep up with customer demand for more advanced data management options at a more affordable cost.

3. Recreating the Office Experience from Anywhere

Smart Business interviewed Warwick Communications Vice President Joe Hesske for advice on how to boost collaboration in the workplace with Unified Communications technology. Hesske touted mobility as a key factor in attracting and maintaining a solid workforce while reducing costs. He stressed that in-office mobility is just as important as the ability to work remotely and suggested incorporating cordless handsets to allow employees to increase productivity by moving around the workspace.

4. Unified Communications is Upending the Automobile Industry

Stowe Boyd of Gigaom brought up an often overlooked but significant topic when he discussed the way communications technology is changing the car industry. He compares cars to hardware and their communications software to home computers, stating that soon customers may be buying cars the way they buy computers. It may not matter what the steel box can do because it’s the internal technology that’s becoming more important.

5. How Techies can Make Money

At Network World, Sarah K. White released a tech salary guide for 2016, based on data from Robert Half Technologies. All salaries were increased from last year by approximately 5 percent on average, with yearly salaries for software engineers and developers up more than 6 percent at roughly $100,000 to $150,000. Chief information officers typically bring in the highest salaries, along with consulting and systems integration directors and big data engineers, who can bring in close to $200,000 a year.

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