Cisco Partner Finds A Reliable Attendant Console Replacement

As a value added reseller (VAR) of Cisco Collaboration technology, Alexander Open Systems (AOS), uses Unified Communications in its own business operations.

When Cisco made the end-of-life announcement for its Attendant Console call handling software, the midwest technology partner needed to find a replacement. Since the fall of 2014 AOS has been enjoying the simplicity of Akkadian Labs’ Cisco Attendant Console replacement akkadian Console Operator.

“It took all of 15 minutes for our technician to download and install the Akkadian Labs software. It’s glitch free. It’s a dream,” said Stephanie Chaffee, AOS’ long-time receptionist.

akkadian Console Operator Outshines Cisco’s Replacement

Since upgrading Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM or Call Manager) from an older version that contained a free Attendant Console by Cisco, Chaffee reports that her team struggled with Cisco’s OEM replacement console for several years prior to coming across Akkadian Lab’s solution.

“I remember the font was too small and we couldn’t adjust it. I could not be away from my desk and pick up a call. With my headset on, and while escorting clients into our various meeting rooms, I’d have to beat an incoming call back to my desk or I’d lose the call,” said Chaffee.

Chaffee described her frustration with a call control feature of Cisco’s solution. The OEM Attendant Console replacement introduced the incoming call in one field, but then prior to pick-up, the call moved to another field. This caused the receptionist to perform an unnecessary task – dragging the incoming call to a field where she could manage the call. Chaffee didn’t find this intuitive. Also, with over 120 numbers in her speed dial list, AOS receptionists stumbled with the Cisco OEM console.

“Our speed dial group was extensive; you learned to scroll quickly” said Chaffee. “The ability to access cell numbers, and even home numbers from the directory cut our speed dial list in half. The difference this console has made is remarkable.”

akkadian Console Operator Designed to Replace Cisco’s Attendant Console

Akkadian Labs prides itself on intuitive software design. Solutions are made by users, for users. With 14 years of experience in the Cisco Unified Communications space, CTO and CCIE Tom Bamert understands what companies are looking for in a Cisco Attendant Console replacement.

akkadian Console Operator has the same look and feel as the original Cisco Attendant Console, but with a streamlined and intuitive interface that would leave users with little need for out-of-the-box training.

“It just works” is a phrase we often hear from many of our 200+ channel partners.

“Akkadian Labs truly understands how ease of access to number destination is important to the efficiency of a busy front desk phone system. Well done, Akkadian Labs!”said Chaffee.

AOS Recommends aCO as a Cisco Attendant Console Replacement to Its Clients

AOS is such a big fan of akkadian Console Operator that the Cisco value added reseller recommends it to their growing list of business clients. One client, a Kansas City area dentistry, with 3 attendants was seeking an Attendant Console replacement. After trying the Cisco OEM console and finding it too cumbersome to deploy, they installed the akkadian Console Operator; it’s been love at first click. The attendants report that using speed dials for faster access to their vendors and insurance companies is a major feature that they just can’t live without.

akkadian Console Operator New Features

With over 5,000 akkadian Console Operator licenses deployed since 2011, over 500 companies using the solution to date, a recent price drop and support for Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) coming soon, akkadian Console Operator continues to be popular with Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration adopters. Plus, aCO now supports Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 11. With a fresh, clean new user interface, improved call handling, and an option for management server, why not download the free trial for aCO version 4.0?



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