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Cisco UC global directory for retail employees

Many organizations find the native Cisco IP phone directory service does not provide value. The directory is incomplete, the data inaccurate and the search interface is not intuitive. In response, Akkadian Labs developed akkadian Global Directory (aGD), a simple-to-deploy directory solution providing a unified directory experience on Cisco IP phones, Jabber and mobile devices.

Finally, a company directory that's available where employees need it.

Mobile Workforce

Many retail workers are on their feet throughout their shifts and not stationed near desktop computers or phones. aGD is now available as an iPhone and Android app.

Frequent Staff Changes

High employee turnover and transfers means directories need to be updated often. aGD’s clean admin dashboard makes updating on demand a breeze.

Multiple Locations

Multiple retail locations can make consolidating various directories a challenge for retail chains. aGD is able to pull data from multiple sources, including LDAP, CSV files, SQL server, MySQL

aGD Key Features and Benefits

akkadian Global Directory simplifies directory management for IT while providing an intuitive directory search interface, making it easy to locate and connect with contacts.

Cisco UC akkadian Labs Global Directory Apple App Store

Mobile Company Directories

Employees of companies using aGD are now able to download the app directly to their phones. After downloading the free app, setup is simple and easy.

Free downloads available

Cisco IP Phone Directory

The interface for workers using their Cisco IP phones to search-to-dial is simple and intuitive. He or she may use T9 search functionality to more easily find co-workers. Without a tool like akkadian Global Directory, the search on a Cisco IP phone is cumbersome and many give up before completing.

Cisco phone akkadian Global Directory Dashboard

Administrator Dashboard

Administrators manage the directory via a streamlined dashboard. aGD’s interface makes it simple for those managing the Cisco Collaboration environment. Simplicity for the administrator means end users see greater functionality.

Streamlined dashboard capabilities:

  • Pull information from various office locations and create one, united directory
  • Sync directory data on demand, or on a schedule
  • Search records
  • And more
Cisco phone global directory source files

Unified Directory

akkadian Global Directory aggregates contacts from different sources, providing a unified directory from multiple Cisco devices & applications. Plus, with aGD,  administrators have the option to sync sources individually. End users are united with distant offices and campuses.

aGD will combine directory sources including:

  • CUCM
  • LDAP
  • CSV files
  • SQL server
  • MySQL
Cisco UC akkdadian Global Directory dial rules

Create Dial Rules

Using the sleek user interface, administrators have the ability to specify dial rules by cluster. For example, create a rule for clusters of employees based on country codes or area codes.

Cisco UC global directory Custom Search

Customizable Search Fields

Administrators have the ability to customize the search field formatting. For example, in some industries, employees might want to search by title rather than name.

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