Converge One Case Study

Cisco VAR Finds a Reliable UC Console for a Busy Front Desk

Streamlined call handling with a modern, flexible directory


As a value-added reseller (VAR) of Cisco Collaboration technology, ConvergeOne uses Cisco Unified Communications Manager for its own collaboration infrastructure. Incoming calls are handled by their busy front desk staff, using attendant console software and a Windows-based PC. Prior to 2014, the receptionists used a complimentary software provided with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to manage incoming calls.


Receptionists found the complimentary console inefficient and a hindrance to managing their workloads, including serious issues with user experience and functionality. As employees who are often moving throughout the office during the day, they were unable to be away from their desk to answer incoming calls. Furthermore, answering and transferring calls was cumbersome, with calls appearing in one field, then moving to another just prior to pick-up. This required extra dragging and dropping with the mouse. Other issues included the inability to transfer calls to cell or home numbers, and no freedom in changing font sizes. Far from being helpful, the old console system was an impediment. Thus began the search for a new solution.

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An Intuitive and Flexible Console

Akkadian Console provides both features the front desk staff were searching for: streamlined call handling and a flexible directory. For example, with Akkadian Console, home and cell numbers are part of the directory. Previously, the team was required to save these ancillary numbers as speed dials. This led to an overwhelming speed dial list with over 120 numbers. The team cut that number in half when they moved to Akkadian Console. “Our speed dial group was extensive; you learned to scroll quickly,” said Chaffee, a receptionist at ConvergeOne “The ability to access cell numbers and even home numbers from the directory cut our speed dial list in half. The difference this console has made is remarkable.”


The internal IT team for ConvergeOne was able to download the software directly from the Akkadian Labs site and set up in 15 minutes. Moreover, Akkadian Console has continued to evolve since it was first introduced. Akkadian Labs offers multiple deployment options in addition to the original server-less Akkadian Console, which has over 5,000 licenses deployed. It also boasts powerful integrations with HL7 and Microsoft Office 365.

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