Drive teamwork with a Unified Communications platform

Unified Communications (UC) does more than give employees new ways to talk to each other. A properly implemented UC program provides workers with better methods of communication, and the difference is palpable. In fact, a study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that allowing workers to collaborate helps each individual to solve problems more quickly and with greater accuracy, according to Unified Communication Strategies. It stands to reason that encouraging cooperation between teammates also encourages greater focus and improves problem-solving across the business. Managers can take cooperation and, subsequently, productivity to the next level by employing a UC platform.

Teamwork supports productivity
Recent research performed by Drexel University’s Christian Resick, associate professor of management at the LeBow College of Business, reaffirms the importance of office collaboration to the success of the business. She argues that without a healthy social dynamic, companies miss out on the many productive conversations that occur between employees throughout the day. Short progress updates, detailed product explanations and meeting scheduling updates could easily be discussed in a hallway over a few seconds. A social workplace is also a workplace where information is shared more freely, and this open flow of information is a bonus for any company.

UC supports teamwork
Considering the benefits, it’s no surprise that many companies focus on improving collaboration. A case study performed by the cloud experts at SnapLogic revealed that 40 percent of surveyed companies have decided to put a greater emphasis on better collaboration in the future. It is also no surprise that interest in unified communications technology has simultaneously increased as well. Nearly 60 percent of surveyed corporations are planning to deploy or have already integrated a UC platform into the employee workflow, according to InformationWeek’s 2014 Unified Communications Survey.

There are many ways that unified communications platforms can improve teamwork around the office. For example, shared access to a common database would make it simple for employees to compare notes and collaborate on a single project. High-tech UC devices support video chat technology as well, and this capability can help remote employees to feel more engaged in the social happenings of the office. Improved UC technology also simplifies the workflow of employees working on the phone, allowing these customers to devote more time toward other duties or collaboration with peers.