Embrace Messaging, Real-time Chat with Unified Communications

The enterprise communications solutions market is rife with opportunities for businesses if they know what their workforce needs and what trends to pay attention to. For future growth, many companies have discovered that expediting the speed at which collaboration solutions perform is critical for meeting these needs and optimizing performance around unified communications. However, there are specific factors at play with collaboration speed which firms have to keep in mind, such as channel variations and divergent platforms.

Speed makes for harder work
According to presentations at the recent 2014 Business Breakthrough Event, hosted by the Wainhouse Research firm, fast-paced communications is the key to success for businesses.

“New entrants into today’s workplace have grown up with technology and with that comes a certain mind set and expectations,” Wayne Mason, event director and head of group products and marketing at Imago Group, said at the event. “However, despite mobile communications and collaboration tools becoming more commonplace in the business environment, many business leaders are failing to exploit them fully and enable their employees to work more efficiently, and crucially, more cost effectively. The Business Breakthrough Event aims to give end users insight and confidence into the areas of collaboration and video conferencing technologies that are available today to help them achieve these goals.”

In order to optimize the use of unified communications tools and capabilities, firms have to ensure they providing workers with the solutions need to make collaboration faster and more efficient, which means supporting the very foundation of communication.

New channels drive opportunity
In addition to increasing the speed at which professionals can collaborate, improving the foundation of communication – the software that binds these solutions together – also boosts a business’s ability to adopt new channels. Trends such as mobile messaging and real-time chat open up new chances for companies to leverage collaboration for growth.

According to RCR Wireless, messaging trends are skyrocketing, and the opportunities they present to enterprises that are able to leverage them are tremendous. Hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe now subscribe to one or more over-the-top applications for messaging, and businesses should consider investing in these new channels. Doing so can optimize collaborative potential and drive the speed and efficiency of communications overall.

While new channels and technologies are often a focus of enterprise unified communications strategies, firms also need to be sure to optimize their basic communication needs as well, such as voice and email. Investing in high-quality service provisioning solutions will support all channels and opportunities equally.