Healthcare Industry Case Study

Cisco UC Provisioning

Hospitals, medical device companies and research facilities are coming to Akkadian Labs looking for Cisco provisioning manager solutions. Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) has become the solution of choice. This infographic outlines how a teaching hospital with 15,000 employees used APM in its Cisco UC environment. Not only did APM help the hospital save hundreds of hours on provisioning users and devices, but the software also added security to the system.

aPME hospital infographic

Start Saving Hours on Provisioning

Cisco UC admins and voice engineers working for large hospitals aren’t the only professionals relying on APM. Companies large and small using Cisco UC for employee collaboration are discovering security, productivity, and cost benefits from implementing the solution. Need more proof? Watch this case study showing how APM helped a small IT team complete a Cisco Unified Communications Manager migration.

Faster Cisco UC Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) is a provisioning software solution that simplifies Cisco UC provisioning.

akkadian provisioning manager express

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