Cisco Remote Phone Control and More New FeaturesCisco Remote Phone Control

Cisco UC provisioning

New Ways to Simplify Cisco UC Management

With the addition of Cisco Remote Phone Control, akkadian Provisioning Manager Express™ (aPME) further expands its functionality beyond provisioning.  aPME offers companies time and cost savings as high-level engineers and administrators are free from provisioning and other UC management tasks. With the introduction of Remote Phone Control, aPME expands its time and cost saving benefits even further.

Some of the Great New Features Added to aPME

• Cisco Remote Phone Control
• Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise provisioning
• Cisco Spark provisioning
• End User Self-service
• Single Sign-on
• Unity Connection – Support for multiple alternate extensions
• Unity Connection – Scheduled voicemail box deletion

New, Key Features and Benefits

Remote Phone Control

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express Phone Control

Remote Phone Control provides the ability to remotely validate Cisco phone functionality. Through Remote Phone Control, you are able to view a remote Cisco phone display and navigate softkeys or place test calls. This is all without the need for physical presence.

Cisco Spark User Provisioning

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express Spark Provisioning

aPME supports provisioning Cisco Spark users, providing the ability to:

  • Add, edit and delete Cisco Spark users
  • Assign Spark roles
  • Assign Spark licensing
  • Add or remove users from Spark rooms and teams

UCCE Agent Template

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express UCCE Agent Provisioning

aPME supports adding, editing, and deleting agents in Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise.

The aPME End User Self-Service portal allows end users to manage:

  • Lines, intercoms, speed dial, and BLFs
  • Call forwarding
  • CUCM PIN and password
  • Unity PIN and password

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Learn More About Other Great aPME Features

These new features of 4.10 are just the latest additions to the aPME tool set. Other great features include:

  • Phone Swap
  • Location Based Templates
  • Rest API
  • Directory Number Management
  • Bulk Provisioning
  • 360 Degree Global Search
  • Global Variables
  • Audit Trail