Tips for introducing your staff to new technology

Cutting-edge gear can help your staff to speed up their workflow and give your company an edge over the competition. Unified communications technology, for example, is able to streamline many of the logistical duties that prevent office workers from maximizing their time spent at their desks. Unfortunately, new technology is as likely to hinder as help if the upgrade is implemented without proper planning. Check out this overview of implementation strategies to avoid a frustrating learning curve.

Share your tech research
Investigating the best technology for your company and staff is the first step in implementing new resources. Chron recommends that companies reach out to stockholders during this period for the sake of getting extra input and showing transparency. A management team can simplify implementation by taking the same approach to employees. Sharing potential technology with employees gives your staff the opportunity to learn more about the devices they may very well be using in the coming year. Likewise, employees will feel more comfortable adopting new gear if they had an opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

Create an implementation schedule
Be sure to communicate when and how you will choose to implement new technology with employees long before the process actually begins. Catching staff off guard with new technology is liable to spark anxiety across the office. Introducing new tech in phases also provides companies with more time to explain the benefits of new technology to employees. For instance, successes in stage 1 to improve employee workflow can be used to assuage the fears of employees slated for later implementation. Posting implementation schedules will also encourage staff to reach out to one another as they collectively get used to their new gear.

Develop performance standards
The final stage of implementing new technology is to review staff performance. Business2Community notes that proper evaluation builds confidence in employees and highlights the importance of the new technology. Businesses are also better off evaluating staff competency with new technology as soon as possible. Businesses can minimize staff anxiety by readily extending support to employees struggling with device adoption. Be sure to note which workers display the most natural aptitude for integrating new tech into their workflow. These employees are likely prime candidates for training new hires on how to properly utilize the company's newest resources.