Our highly secure, scalable, and easy-to-use software replaces your manual UC provisioning process with automated provisioning workflows that take seconds.

Streamline your company’s Cisco or Microsoft Teams UC management with Akkadian Labs.

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Make UC Provisioning Better for Everyone

Akkadian transforms your Cisco or Microsoft Teams UC provisioning environment into something an admin can easily manage. 

Cost Savings

Provision a user with multiple devices across all UC applications in less than a minute. It doesn’t just make you instantly faster. It makes you instantly done.

Keep MACD 
workflows error-free.

Our templated workflows keep MACD’s spotless, helping you minimize human error, avoid hours of corrective rework, and prevent mistakes from becoming costs.

Let engineers get 
back to engineering.

The most expensive part of provisioning is often the person managing it. With Akkadian, you can let your engineers get back to solving engineering problems.





90% faster.
100% less complicated.

Licenses Managed


Time Savings

Significant cut in UC operational costs from automation.

Streamlining workflows allows IT to focus on more strategic projects.

Innovative organizations across all industries rely on our solutions.

Our provisioning tools are used by enterprises and MSPs everywhere.

Streamline Your Approach to UC Provisioning

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