CIO Tackles Enterprise License Agreements and More UC News

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Unified Communications and Technology Articles

Software Vendors — Fear and Loathing

This CIO article by Marcel Bryar covers the confusion that often surrounds licensing agreements. A big part of licensing agreements are terms of service and maintenance. We tackle the ins-and-outs of maintenance agreements in this article, Three Reasons to Renew Software Maintenance.

Adopting an API Attitude at Cisco

Managing Editor of NoJitter Beth Schultz interviews longtime Tropo product manager Adam Kalsey. Kalsey discusses the developer-first mindset and enterprise advantages of using Cisco’s communications APIs.

3 Steps to Surviving Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, take a look at how to prevent your contact center from grinding to a hault because it cant handle peak traffic time correctly

Are You (Customer) Experienced? Jimi Hendrix and CX

Zack Taylor, Global Business Development Manager, writes for the Cisco Collaboration Blog How Jimi Hendrix parallels the global rise of customer experience as a sustainable business differentiator.