Unified communications solutions are a perfect fit for small businesses

Unified communications solutions are often implemented by companies out of necessity. The sheer volume of clients and product information that a large firm has to deal with makes unified communications an essential tool in many offices. The effectiveness of UC technology isn't limited to giant corporations. Small and medium-sized businesses can likewise boost productivity by strategically implementing a unified communications system.

Enhanced collaboration
The Guardian notes that unified communications technology is especially useful for small businesses because it encourages greater collaboration between employees. For example, the ability to send a message in seconds instead of having a lengthy conversation will prompt employees to send each other more messages. Open flow of communication facilitates relationship building on the job, and companies that foster collaborative work forces are in a prime position to be successful. Unified communications technology also helps to make communication more efficient. For example, messages sent by UC devices can be set to automatically record, so brainstorming sessions between workers can be freely referenced at a later date. Time saved by technology contributes to greater productivity for the entire staff.

Accessible pricing
Price can be a barrier when large companies consider a unified communications upgrade, notes The Wall Street Journal. The needs of small businesses, however, are less demanding and complicated as those of an international conglomerate. As a result, small business owners are in a unique position to prudently invest in unified communications upgrades without incurring huge financial risks. For instance, companies can perform test runs by purchasing UC devices for a single department. Additional purchases can be made in the future after the initial UC implementation produces greater productivity.

Flexible scalability
Scalability refers to a system's ability to seamlessly adapt to a user's changing size and demand. Signs of high scalability include system monitoring software, easy-to-install hardware and intuitive user interface. Scalability is especially important for small businesses looking to expand. A larger client base, and employees added to manage their business, will have to be integrated into the existing databases. A UC system can simplify this process by standardizing each step in the scale-up process.

Professional presence
Brand presence is as dependent on the company's image as it based on the company's track record. Clients may turn their nose at hiring a small business simply because the company utilizes legacy technology in its daily workflow. High-end unified communications devices boast the latest in telecommunications technology and feature sharp, professional aesthetic. The sight of cutting-edge technology at an employee's fingertips communicates the extent of company's resources and industry savvy to customers. Sometimes a small equipment upgrade transforms a "startup" into an "up-and-coming" firm in eyes of a potential client.

Exciting possibilities
The right unified communications technology can help a small business evolve into a larger one. Increased productivity, improved collaboration between employees and a growing customer base create an environment where expanding the business is both feasible and beneficial. UC systems allow companies to free up their employees from tedious, repetitive busywork and unlock their true potential.