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Unified Communications Tools to Simplify

Simplicity Rules in Unified Communications

My favorite bicycle growing up was a one-speed with the back-peddle brakes. And although it had the banana seat and the extra bar, that’s not what I loved about it. Know what it was? I loved the simplicity of it. The straightforwardness of the design. The ease of use. The “see bike; ride bike” concept really worked for me. You didn’t have to think…you just got on and rode it. A few years later I got a 10-speed and, although I rode it to work every day during that summer, I kept my old one-speed because I just loved to ride it.

Fear of Overcompication Brings Reluctance

So often in life, we hesitate to do a thing because we anticipate it being complicated, or we just don’t know where (or how) to begin. Personally, the last thing I want to do is open up a user guide and start reading. (And that’s coming from a former tech writer!) After all, I’m a sales guy, and everyone knows sales guys don’t read. Heck, I hesitate to buy a water pic because you have to plug it in, read the manual, and figure out what settings you need, where (on the tooth) to place the pic, how to clean the reservoir out (and how often), etc. I prefer to pick up my trusty toothbrush, don the paste, and brush away. Done. I’m oversimplifying of course, but I think you get my point.

The Best Products Make it Simple

I believe the world’s greatest products are straightforward and easy to use. Less is more. Just look at Apple and the world they’ve created. If it weren’t for “easy”, iPhones would never sell. I’ve seen a 2 year old scroll through cell phone pictures like she was taking the wrapping off a lolly pop. Today, I walk into an Apple store to actually feel less stress, because I know they’re going to make complex tasks easy for me. They’re going to keep it simple.

Tools to Simplify

At Akkadian Labs, we make great software that keeps it simple. Our three software solutions bring simplicity to the set-up and management of your Cisco Collaboration and Unified Communications environment, as well as increase user satisfaction.
akkadian Console Operator is our serverless replacement to Cisco’s end-of-life Attendant Console which features a user-friendly interface; we’ve deployed thousands of licenses.

akkadian Global Directory software for Cisco IP phones allows phone users to quickly search through directories to locate the right contact.

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express allows provisioners to make moves, adds, changes and deletes within their company’s Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration environment with ease.

Moreover, we make our collaboration software easy-to -use and easy-to-navigate. Want proof? Check out our quick demo video that shows how easy it is to provision in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.