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Video: Cisco Collaboration Provisioning

Break free of Cisco Collaboration’s time consuming administrative tasks

Watch the video for more information on how provisioning software akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) can help increase your company’s Cisco Collaboration adoption while streamlining new employee on-boarding and more.

Cisco Collaboration challenges

Provisioning in the Cisco Collaboration environment can be a very complex process. In fact, high-level IT administrators at companies using the Cisco Collaboration platform are likely to spend significant work time handling the tedious and repetitive task of provisioning within Cisco’s application servers. The time that high-level administrators spend on provisioning is diverted from other projects, meaning these other projects can’t move forward.

Cisco Collaboration provisioning solutions

What if there were a simpler way to complete moves, adds, changes and deletes (MAC-Ds) within the Cisco application servers? What if there were a provisioning system without the confusing pages, check boxes, settings and permissions within Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager’s interface?
A simpler interface and streamlined process would mean companies could free their highly trained administrators from the provisioning processes. Indeed, companies are turning to a software solution, akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME), as a way to reclaim IT administrators’ time and get more projects completed.

aPME: a streamlined Cisco provisioning process

aPME makes the provisioning tasks quick, simple and easy. The software’s simple interface and easy-to-use templates replace the repetitive actions in Cisco’s application servers. The tool makes Cisco Collaboration provisioning more efficient, accurate and faster than ever before. The best part? Firms, such as aPME customer Leo A Daly, are now able to have their Help Desk staff take over some, if not all, of the MAC-D work.

Easier and Faster Cisco Provisioning

Read more about engineering firm Leo A Daly’s experience with aPME in this case study.

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express Case Study

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