Video on the rise in unified communications

The Next Trend Driving Unified Communications

Enterprise communications solutions are evolving at a steady pace, but keeping up with the latest trends and innovations can be easy for firms with the right support in place. According to Dimension Data, the next trend driving unified communications is video, and keeping ahead of this channel will be lucrative for firms in any industry.

Video is one of the newest channels to be integrated with unified communications solutions, and it’s providing some critical new opportunities for companies that leverage it properly. Furthermore, video is also a turning point for many companies’ decision-making processes when it comes to investing in unified communications, because of the new potential it brings beyond traditional channels.

For the typical large enterprise, a company-wide unified communications and collaboration investment can be difficult to justify, but IT directors are being called on more frequently to formulate a strategy and an investment plan that will take their organizations well into the future, said industry expert David Danto.

Video allows firms to leverage collaboration solutions in new ways in order to increase their returns from these tools and better optimize workflow.

For most companies, unified communications is a no-brainer. Investing in these tools drives productivity and helps them take advantage of everything their technology has to offer. Of course, beyond these tools video supports a culture that increasingly looks to easily digestible information that comes available on a broad number of platforms. Professionals want to view content on mobile devices, streamed over the cloud and at home. With video, this information can be tuned into more easily without requiring workers to print pamphlets or sit and read lengthy documents on their computers. This supports a broadening trend of on-the-go performance that employees are beginning to expect.

Take Enterprise UC to the next level

Ultimately, businesses that embrace video will be taking their enterprise unified communication to the next level and delivering a channel to workers that broadens their ability to collaborate and share information on a fundamental level – combining visual with auditory cues. The many advantages of this are plain to any firm that deploys such solutions. By setting the foundation with high-quality service provisioning software, companies will have an easier time integrating video with their other channels, and support employees’ best use needs over time.