What to look for when choosing a unified communications solution

Communication between employees, from entry-level interns to members of the boardroom, is vital to the success of your business. The ability to reach out to clients is equally important. Technology can be used to streamline this communication and provide new ways for employees to connect to customers. Make sure the unified communications dealer your company works with boasts a full flight of applications.

Proven results in telecommunications
Search for companies with proven records of enhancing a client’s telecommunications experience. Many unified communications dealers will host client testimonials on their websites or provide a portfolio of current clients when meeting with representatives in person. Other dealers will work a Quality of Service guarantee into the contract agreement, says Small Business Trends. Regardless, make sure you choose a unified communications provider that can be held accountable for its performance.

Flexible technology
Top tier UC dealers will offer versatile solutions that meet the needs of your office. Companies that work with a large pool of demanding clients, for example, would benefit from integrated phone systems that display pertinent customer information from the company’s network during important conference calls. Likewise, unified communications technology should be scalable. This feature will allow communications solutions to expand and shrink to fit the needs of your current business.

Comprehensive tutorials
One of the key benefits of utilizing a UC platform is that each of your company’s telecom resources are fully integrated. However, even the most intuitive software comes with a learning curve. Furthermore, your employees will get up to speed more quickly with new technology if given proper training. Make sure to review the training options and materials a UC dealer will provide with its services before making a decision. A detailed training program will help your company to get a return on its UC investment as soon as possible.

Contingency options
Network World stresses the importance of making sure your unified communications technology has security options in place. This feature is especially vital for large companies working with sensitive information or in highly competitive markets. In addition, be sure to quiz your dealer about emergency scenarios. Will your company’s telecom devices still function properly if the unified communications system is experiencing technical difficulties? Getting these questions answered early will prevent unpleasant surprises down the road.