Announcing the 2nd Winner of the 2020 Scholarship

Congratulations Carey Linkous of Roanoke College

We are pleased to announce Carey Linkous as the winner of the 2nd 2020 Akkadian Labs Scholarship for $1,000. Candidates were asked to submit an essay detailing how information technology is used in their area of study and where they think their passion for technology may take them in the future. Carey wrote a fascinating essay on the impacts of IT on the psychological study of memory, and how prior to the creation of computers scientists struggled to discern how the human brain creates new memories. She goes on to explain how advancements in communications technology and the accessibility of data can further accelerate the exchange and production of knowledge in psychology; how it can facilitate locating sample populations large enough to infer causation; in the choosing of random samples for psychological studies; and the ability to access research participants no matter where they are located. We were fascinated by her essay and inspired by her motivation to find ways that collaboration technology can work for the advancement of a growing field of study. We are honored to award our scholarship to her as she continues to pursue her studies in Psychology. Well done Carey! To find out more about Akkadian Labs, or for the opportunity to experience our products for yourself:
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