Automated UC Provisioning Software

Akkadian Provisioning Manager makes it easy to provision users across your entire suite of Cisco, Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom applications in less than a minute.


UC provisioning software that automates your manual MAC-Ds

Minimize repetitive, manual work, eliminate human error, and reduce the risk of outages with Akkadian Provisioning Manager.


Minimize repetitive manual work. A single pane of glass to initiate workflows across multiple UC apps, servers, and clusters.


Eliminate human errors and inconsistencies. Templates assure that accounts are built with standard configurations.


Reduce risk of outages. A software layer that removes the need to access the native UC apps.


Protect against accidental or deliberate service disruptions. Role-based access and audit trails that control for system vulnerabilities.

Making complex provisioning simple!

Provision 90% faster than what you can do manually

Provision users with multiple devices across all your UC applications from a single pane of glass.  
  • Site-based provisioning – Build job templates and site-specific configurations.
  • Real-time directory number management – No more tracking numbers in use with spreadsheets.
  • Bulk provisioning – Add or delete multiple users from one easy CSV file.
  • Multi-cluster support – Automate provisioning across all CUCM clusters

Refocus engineers on more important tasks

Provisioning Manager allows anyone to manage provisioning securely, so your engineers can get back to engineering.  
  • Roles-based access – Decide who has access to which jobs and tools.
  • Detailed audit trail – Track changes and updates to ensure jobs get done right.
  • Visual phone editor – Allow end users to make quick and simple updates to their phones.
  • Remote phone control – Test, place calls and change settings in one place.

Automate onboarding with zero-touch provisioning

Empower employees with a self-service portal that helps offload tasks, saving even more time for your UC teams. With Provisioning Manager, users can manage:  
  • Device
  • Call forwarding
  • Single number reach
  • PIN resets

Make provisioning tasks easy for anyone to do

As soon as a new user shows up in Active Directory, they’re already provisioned where they need to be thanks to native integrations and API triggers to 3rd party applications.

Provision users in any UC environment

Additional Features


Eliminate manual tasks from UC provisioning, reporting, compliance, and management.

Zero-touch On-boarding

Integrates with Active Directory and ServiceNow, for automated provisioning or de-provisioning of users.

Self-service Portal

Let employees manage their own lines, intercoms, and speed dials with CUCM self provisioning.

Directory Number Management

Real-time directory number management with cross-cluster support.

Restful API

Integrate with ITSM, HR, and identity management software such as ServiceNow.

Remote Phone Control

Access Cisco IP phones to test, place calls, and change settings with remote phone control.

Roles-based Access with Custom Dashboards

Decide who has access to which jobs and tools.

Visual Phone Editor

You can even let end users access the Visual Phone Editor via the self-service portal.

Phone Swap

Upgrade old phone models to new phone models with a mobile app.

Dial Plans

Query reporting allows you to easily adopt dial plans, like E164.

High Availability Option

Automated roll-over to maximize uptime

Contact Center Provisioning

Streamline provisioning of agents in UCCX and P-UCCE

Bulk Provisioning

Add or delete multiple users from one CSV file

Multi-cluster Support

Automated provisioning across all your CUCM clusters


Use SQL database queries to generate reports from CUCM


Join 1,500+ leading brands & millions of users

“Anybody that wants to make their lives easier should have this tool in their arsenal … not many can do this with Cisco products.”

Telecom Analyst, Dexcom

Automated provisioning is just the start

Unify your UC management with our full suite of tools for operator consoles, call directories, and site deployments.

Frequently asked questions

Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a provisioning solution designed to streamline moves, adds, changes and deletes in the Cisco Unified Communications Environment. With users demanding enterprise voice and video on their mobile devices, administrators find themselves provisioning and managing up to 10 devices per user. While this adoption is exciting and helps drive communication, it can be a challenge for administrators to manage. APM helps organizations increase adoption by streamlining the provisioning process, allowing the provisioning and ongoing operational management of these devices using a single action. In addition, Akkadian Provisioning Manager helps protect the Cisco Unified Communication environment by removing the need for direct access to the application servers while providing more granular restrictions.

APM is used by anyone tasked with provisioning in the Cisco Unified Communications environment in medium to large companies, non-profits, government and educational entities. For a run-down of those already using Akkadian Provisioning Manager, check out the industries helped by Akkadian Provisioning Manager.  Often, companies that are struggling with Cisco Prime Collaboration deployment adopt our turnkey provisioning automation solution.

Yes! You are able to request a free, 30-day, fully supported trial today. If you need help installing after download, just let us know and we will help. Request your free trial here.

Yes, you can. APM is designed to be simple to deploy and use, but we are always here to help. If you prefer, we offer remote install services to help you expedite your deployment. This service can be purchased through any of our partners.

APM offers two types of licensing to meet your organization’s needs. For most customers, User Base Licensing (UBLs) are the most cost-effective as they allow for up to 10 devices per user. This means if you have a user with a Cisco IP phone, Jabber for Desktop, Jabber for iPhone, Jabber for Android and Jabber for Tablet, only one UBL will be required even though the user has five devices. For other devices, such as common area or conference room phones, we offer lower cost Device Based Licenses (DBLs). DLBs and UBLs can be blended to create a cost-effective licensing solution for your environment.

Yes, we offer training through our partners.

See what your UC provisioning looks like 90% faster