ServiceNow Integration with CUCM

Automation straight out of the box, no API programming!

ServiceNow is one of the most popular IT service management systems (ITSM) around, expanding far beyond simple HelpDesk ticketing into various aspects of operational support. That’s why we’re so excited to announce Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s native ServiceNow integration with Unified Communications for Cisco—a development which promises to save UC Engineers and UC Administrators time and effort while enhancing the end-customer experience. ServiceNow Integration with CUCM: Go Native or Go Slow A typical ServiceNow integration with unified communications for Cisco generally requires your ServiceNow Administrator to spend a lot of time with API programming. Without a native integration, this usually means:
  • Building a custom integration: having to individually align each component of your Unified Communications platform with ServiceNow is time-consuming and riddled with human error
  • Continued support: new version releases of ServiceNow and CUCM means the time-consuming update of custom configurations
  • A waste of vital resources: a custom-built integration with ServiceNow means drawing away highly skilled engineers away from the more pressing UC needs of your organization
Full-Cycle, Zero-Touch Provisioning with our Native ServiceNow Integration Our truly native ServiceNow integration with unified communications systems means no complicated API programming:
  • ServiceNow can kick-off any UC workflow within Cisco Collaboration—on-board, off-board, add a phone, etc.
  • No API programming necessary—out-of-the-box deployment with minimal configuration
  • Akkadian Provisioning Manager can write back to ServiceNow to confirm a process is complete or make database changes
For example, if HR submits a ServiceNow ticket to on-board a new employee, Akkadian Provisioning Manager will monitor ServiceNow and when it sees this ticket, will run a provisioning job to make the changes in Cisco Collaboration and notify the user. No HelpDesk involvement necessary. The Workflow of Our Simple ServiceNow Integration with Unified Communications for Cisco Automated workflows across multiple Cisco applications, servers, and clusters for zero-touch provisioning is seamless with our native integration. Sample on-boarding workflow:
  • Step 1: HR on-boards a new employee
  • Step 2: ServiceNow creates a request for the appropriate UC applications
  • Step 3: Akkadian Provisioning Manager, monitoring ServiceNow for updates, executes the provision in Cisco Collaboration
  • Step 4: Akkadian Provisioning Manager writes back to ServiceNow to confirm the process is complete, and makes database changes, if necessary
Akkadian Provisioning Manager also supports workflows for off-boarding, PIN rests, adding phones, and more! Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s Native Integration is Key to the Seamless Use of ServiceNow Organizations use ServiceNow to increase efficiency, optimize productivity, and minimize operational errors. With Akkadian Provisioning Manager natively integrating ServiceNow with CUCM, organizations with sizeable UC deployments can fully realize the benefits of this vital service management tool in the following ways:
  • Automation for faster provisioning
  • Consistent workflow templates that eliminate errors
  • Cisco Collaboration licensing efficiency that can save money
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