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Simplified Call Handling from a Powerful Operator Console

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The Flexible Console for Every Environment

Busy operators, receptionists and office admins at hundreds of companies already use Akkadian Console™ to handle incoming calls. Users love Akkadian Console because it’s simple-to-use and ready when they need it. It provides a complete, stable solution for companies of any size, across all industries. Plus, this flexible operator console is available in three deployment types: an unmanaged client, managed client/server, or web-based.

Key Highlights

Intuitive Call Handling!

Console Simplified Call

Simplified Call Management with a Cisco Operator Console

With a clean modern interface, busy phone operators and receptionists can efficiently direct calls in high volume environments.

  • Drag & Drop transfer

  • Call park

  • Hunt Group queuing support

  • Multi-line support

Powerful Directory

Quickly direct calls where they need to go.

  • Robust directory with presence

  • Support for CUCM, LDAP, SQL and CSV directory sources

  • Shared and private notes

  • Unlimited personal directories

ACO Directory
Akkadian Labs Console Icons

Flexible Deployment Options

Easy for administrators to deploy and maintain.

  • Serverless operator console for rapid deployment

  • Managed client/server model for centralized management and reporting

  • Web operator console for multi-platform support

Key Operator Features

Console Easy to learn Icon

Easy to Learn

Akkadian Console’s clean, modern interface is intuitive and makes multi-tasking easy.

Console Customizable Dashboard Icon

Customizable Dashboard

Operators and receptionists love how customizable their dashboards can be. They can even change font sizing.

console drag and drop call icon

Drag-and-drop Call Handling

With a click of the mouse, operators are able to direct calls by dragging and dropping incoming calls.

console speed dials icon

Speed Dials

Unlimited speed dial groups allow operators to more effectively organize and access important contacts.

console multiline support icon

Multiline Support

Akkadian Console consolidates the most complex phones into one user interface.

console line status icon

Line Status

Colored line statuses include available, ringing, and busy states.

console multiple language icon

Multiple Language Options

Operators may opt for the English, Spanish, or French versions.

console private and shared notes icon

Private and Shared Notes

Operators use their notes to track employee schedules and call information

provisioning manager restful api icon


Integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and HL7

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Akkadian Console Web differ from traditional Akkadian Console™?

Simplified management for IT admins 

Akkadian Console Web™ continues the process of reducing operational overhead by leveraging centralized administration, as well as eliminating client software deployment and maintenance. The client-less solution crosses operating system boundaries and can be run from almost any web browser, making it ideal for large deployments. Akkadian Console Web makes the following effortless:

  • Management
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance

Introducing Akkadian Console to Mac users 

Previous versions of Akkadian Console™ are designed for PC users, not Mac users. Because Akkadian Console Web works via a browser, it’s perfect for Mac users.

What operational differences between Akkadian Console and Akkadian Console Web versions should the IT admin expect?

Seamless version updates

A clientless solution means no more software updates! When the Akkadian Console Server™ is updated, all clients experience the benefit immediately.

Flexible licensing options

Akkadian Console Web offers a concurrent licensing model. Concurrent licensing provides cost, flexibility, ease-of-use, and administration benefits over the traditional per-device-model

Same excellent features and user experience

Operators will enjoy the same features and ease-of-use, reducing the need for training

How do Akkadian Console customers get started with the web version?

IT admins may download and install from the Akkadian Labs site

It’s simple to get started.

  1. Download the server.
  2. Install.
  3. Configure in 30 minutes.
  4. Tell your call handler to open a link in his or her browser.

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