Microsoft Teams & 365 Provisioning Solutions

Provision users across your entire Microsoft suite in less than a minute with Akkadian Provisioning Manager, the automated provisioning platform.


The automated provisioning platform for your entire Microsoft suite

Provision end users across all Microsoft applications automatically. Akkadian minimizes repetitive, manual work and eliminates human error, saving time and resources.

Provision Microsoft 90% faster than what you can do manually

From quick onboarding to migration assistance to bulk provisioning jobs, Akkadian Provisioning Manager helps teams save time and resources provisioning and managing all aspects of the end-user lifecycle.

  • Bulk provisioning – Add or delete multiple users from one easy CSV file.
  • Migration support – from data extraction to mapping to ongoing provisioning after execution
  • Site-based provisioning – Build job templates and site-specific configurations.
  • Real-time DN management – No more tracking numbers in use with spreadsheets.

Secure every provisioning task

Get complete visibility into provisioning work that allows admins to secure their entire Microsoft end-user provisioning process.

  • Roles-based access – Decide who has access to which jobs and tools.
  • Detailed audit trail – Track changes and updates to ensure jobs get done right.

Make multivendor environments easy to manage

Provisioning Manager extends provisioning functions to other UC applications thanks to native integrations with leading cloud platforms and on-prem solutions. With Provisioning Manager, admins can automate:

  • Cloud platform provisioning for Zoom, Webex and Microsoft
  • On-prem UC provisioning for Cisco solutions
  • Hybrid UC environments like a Teams/Webex combination

Onboard automatically with zero-touch provisioning

The moment a new user shows up in Active Directory or a new user request is entered in Service Now; they’re already provisioned within Teams and any other Microsoft applications they need, thanks to native integrations. Akkadian even extends provisioning to other 3rd party applications, including recording apps like Verint and E911 apps like RedSky, with API Triggers.

Provision users in any UC environment

Additional Provisioning Features for Microsoft

Provisioning Automation

Eliminate manual tasks from UC provisioning, reporting, compliance, and management.

Zero-touch On-boarding

Integrates with Active Directory and ServiceNow, for automated provisioning or de-provisioning of users.

Roles-based Access with Custom Dashboards

Keep your Microsoft platform secure by deciding who has access to which jobs and tools.

Migration Support

Streamline migrations with consistent data extraction and data mapping.

Bulk Provisioning

Add or delete multiple Microsoft users from one CSV file

Multivendor Support

Automated provisioning for Webex, Microsoft, and Zoom users in a hybrid, multi-tenant architecture.

Audit Trails

Integrate with ITSM and HR software such as ServiceNow and extend provisioning to other 3rd applications.

Restful API & API Tiggers

Streamline provisioning of agents in Zoom Contact Center

Directory Number Management

Real-time directory number management with full platform support.

Microsoft provisioning is just the beginning

We offer provisioning and management solutions for Microsoft and other leading platforms like Cisco, Webex and Zoom. Akkadian helps your business unify UC management, whether your environment is on-prem, in the cloud, hybrid or multi-tenant.

Microsoft provisioning and management made simple