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CUCM Site Deployment: Build Once and Replicate

Setting up Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) for new locations is complex. It’s not done frequently, but it’s critical to do right. We enable IT generalists to get the job done easily. Our Cisco configuration builder makes it easy to templatize and replicate dial plan configurations in CUCM. Implement all your Day 1 provisioning requirements in minutes, including configuring device pools, partitions, CSS, route patterns and more.



No lengthy, complex site setups for CUCM. Reusable templates so you don’t have to reinvent configurations when deploying new sites.



Minimize errors in new site deployments. Build once and replicate to standardize deployments and guarantee accuracy.

Reducing the Time and Stress in CUCM Site Set-Up

Easily Configure New Sites

Eliminate the need for complex CUCM configuration skill sets.
  • Wizard-driven interface
  • Site and dial plan templates
  • Pre-built templates included
  • Avoid rebuilding preferences

Quickly Deploy CUCM Configurations

Save time and money by setting up new locations with just a few clicks.
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Push predetermined configurations to sites
  • Maintain multiple dial plan types

Consistent CUCM Site Set-Up

Avoid inconsistencies and minimize errors in new site deployments.
  • Standardize deployments
  • Guarantee accuracy
  • Build once and replicate


Reusable Templates

Save a standard configuration template to re-use when deploying new sites

Minimal Data Input

Site Builder deploys sites with few data input requirements

Pre-Canned Templates

Site Builder templates are a starting point for your custom CUCM configuration

Customizable Templates

Copy and tweak configuration templates

Multiple Configurations

Enable different types of deployments via template configurations

Portable Templates

Import or export templates to use with different CUCM instances


Simple and Repeatable

“Site Builder takes a process that is complex and maybe not done very often and makes it simple and repeatable. Job done.”

CTO, Akkadian Labs


ASB is a day 1 provisioning solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). It’s a provisioning solution capable of quickly deploying new sites or dial plan configurations in CUCM.

Day 1 provisioning refers to the configuration that is required before adding users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. These would include items such as Device Pools, Partitions, CSS, Route Patterns, etc.

Site Builder deploys as a self-contained virtual appliance with the following requirements: VMWare ESXi 5.x+, 2vCPU, 8GB vMem, 80GB vDisk, CUCM version 10.5+

ASB is used by anyone tasked with setting up Cisco Unified Communications environment in a location, i.e. a business site.

We will train you on best practices during the fully supported trial. Training videos are also available on our Customer Portal.

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