Dexcom’s new smart-device enabled glucose monitoring product has brought unprecedented benefits to diabetes selfcare. But while its success has accelerated Dexcom’s market growth, it also created new challenges for its technical support and customer service teams. As the company grew, Dexcom’s IT group needed to offload tasks to their service desk. But without the right skill level, service desk users destabilized phones, created system errors, and caused downtime. Dexcom needed a solution that would streamline provisioning, prevent users from making changes directly in Cisco’s UCCE, and eliminate future downtime. Exceeding Expectations with Akkadian Labs Dexcom chose our CUCM Provisioning Manager to automate their UC administration and to enable role-based access; this would prevent future errors and eliminate complexities for both service desk users and administrators. Its zero-touch provisioning continues to support Dexcom’s growth within their tech support center, where they can easily onboard new users. Here are three ways Provisioning Manager is preventing future downtime and simplifying both administration and service desk processes:
  • The Provisioning Manager interface provides a streamlined training experience and allows Dexcom to easily standardize the system across teams
  • The telecom team set up jobs which run multiple provisions in UCCE with just one screen. 7-minute provisioning times have been reduced to 10 – 15 seconds per user
  • Creating and editing contact center agents is easy—Dexcom has achieved zero active directory errors, with automated updates that help them meet rapid growth requirements in a short timeframe