A More Powerful Cisco Operator Console for Smarter Visibility

Web Console is Now Integrated with Microsoft Office 365

Now Integrated with Outlook Calendar Akkadian Console™—the most advanced Cisco console software for Cisco Unified Communications—has now integrated its web version with Microsoft Office 365. As Work From Home (WFH) mandates remain in place at many offices, this is the ideal operator solution for remote work infrastructures. This new enhancement to our web operator console integrates with both the on-premise Microsoft Exchange, as well as cloud-based Microsoft Office 365. Web console goes beyond simple phone status to incorporate Outlook calendar visibility—providing operators a more granular view of availability based on when meetings are scheduled. Smarter, More Powerful Call Handling Now operators will have a nuanced view of worker schedules, color-coded for easy recognition:
  • Red: Busy
  • Orange: Going into meeting (in 15 min)
  • Green: Open/Available
  • Grey: No Status
Is the employee receiving a call currently in a meeting? Is the line free, but there is a meeting in fifteen minutes? With calendar visibility, operators will see this, and can inform callers to ensure that schedules are seamlessly aligned with accessibility. This is an ideal solution for busy receptionists in remote working environments. Most Advanced Security Because Akkadian Console runs on Linux, users are guaranteed the most secure console available, fully tested and even used by various government agencies.
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