Build better teams for more effective projects

Akkadian Labs is excited to announce significant enhancements to Akkadian Contact Manager! The new features take it beyond the standard corporate directory to become a powerful tool for collaboration that helps build better teams for more effective projects.  Now more than ever, collaboration is the lifeblood of successful organizations. And while many companies have invested in expanding and innovating their channels of communication, they’re still using outdated contact directories with gaps that hinder, instead of bolster collaboration. That’s where Akkadian Contact Manager comes in. A Big Win for End Users These upgrades make Contact Manager even smarter, more flexible, and more powerful for end users. The new features include:
  • Robust User Profiles—The most relevant information available for your contacts
  • Multi-Language Support—English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese
  • Cover Me—Designate others to cover calls in your absence 
  • Directory Matching Caller ID—Total call transparency on Cisco IP phones
  • Dynamic Directories—Default to your relevant contacts 
Redesigned user profiles enable custom fields for more than just basic contact info, empowering employees to easily find colleagues with a specific skillset, title, location, language, and more. It even supports entries not associated with people, like conference rooms, HelpDesk, vendors, etc. A Big Win for Admins Akkadian Contact Manager is also ideal for UC Admins who struggle with multiple data sources and formats. Admin features include:
  • Admin Dashboard—Streamlined, web-based dashboard that includes advanced reporting
  • Unified Directories—Aggregate from different sources, including LDAP, CSV, SQL MySQL, and CUCM
  • AD Aggregation—A clean, manageable LDAP directory aggregating contacts from multiple AD servers
  • Authentication Proxy—Users authenticate based on domain
  • Enhanced AD Data Extraction—Access huge amounts of AD data without disrupting service
Between robust end user features and AD aggregation that removes the need for complex Active Directory Federation Services, Akkadian Contact Manager is a big win for both Admins and end users.  We’re also innovating how we deliver our product, with a tiered subscription pricing model that’s customized to your needs. Adoption is also very easy—you can go from purchase to deployment in under four hours.  Easy for Admins and a powerful collaboration tool for end users, Akkadian Contact Manager goes beyond the standard enterprise directory to help employees find exactly who they need, when they need them.