Exciting Enhancements – Akkadian Provisioning Manager 5.0

New Release Version – Smarter, Faster and More Secure

Akkadian Provisioning Manager—the automated solution that streamlines all Cisco MAC-D jobs from a single pane of glass—has just been upgraded. Now, it’s even easier to use, more intuitive, and more secure. Here’s how: Streamlined User Experience
  • Search services: Get a 360-degree holistic view of the user and their current services, then take action from this central launch point, with shortcuts for the most common actions
  • Role-based dashboards with custom data and analytics
  • Phone registration status data on dashboard, allowing Admins to see a critical KPI
  • System-wide messaging, feature instructions, tool tips, and labeling
Modernized User Interface
  • Uniform typography, colors, and forms across pages
  • Auto-filling
Future-Ready Platform
  • Faster loading and provisioning speeds
  • Enhanced security with the latest protocols and stronger encryption
  • High availability ready
The new Akkadian Provisioning Manager is guaranteed to save even more time for Cisco UC Administrators!
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