Exciting Enhancements to Akkadian Contact Manager

New Release is More Localized and Flexible

Akkadian Contact Manager—the solution for streamlining messy data in the CUCM corporate directory—is excited to announce important upgrades which make Cisco Collaboration software even more localized to our diverse users, and more flexible overall. This powerful directory is ideal for remote employees who need to stay connected. Upgrades include: New Languages Supported
  • Along with English, now supports Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Chinese
  • Default language is based on end user Locale (per CUCM), or globally set by Admin
More Flexible Authentication
  • Admin users can be authenticated using multiple LDAP or CUCM sources
  • Assign permission for data sources based on user authentication
  • When using Contact Manager as an LDAP source, you can specify a different domain than the LDAP server’s domain used as a data source
More Granular Search
  • Filter directory contacts based on end user’s domain or device pool
  • Targeted directories can be assigned in combination with dynamic directories
  • Ability to specify “exact match”, “begin with” and “contains” when searching in web directory
  • Optional predictive search per directory service
  • Line status is present in search results
  • Remove login button when web directory does not require authentication
  • Sync contact photos from an external source
  • Customize contact details page on the phone
  • Support for Directory URI and email requests from Jabber Client
These upgrades make the Cisco corporate directory for CUCM more simple, seamless, and unified for Admins and end users!
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