Akkadian Labs Launches Site Builder

CUCM Site Deployment: Build Once and Replicate

Akkadian Labs announces the launch of our newest product, Akkadian Site Builder (ASB). ASB streamlines site deployment for Cisco CUCM. It complements our Akkadian Provisioning Manager solution, which automates the provisioning of CUCM to end users. If you’re setting up a new location, you can use ASB to avoid what is often a complex, time-consuming process. As you may have seen yourself, a new CUCM site requires you to configure device pools, partitions, CSS, route patterns and so forth, before adding users. This work is known as “Day 1” provisioning. ASB enables telephony engineers to launch new CUCM sites in minutes without any errors:
  • Re-use CUCM configurations when deploying new sites
  • Deploy sites with minimized data input
  • Access pre-canned templates as a starting point for your custom configuration
  • Copy and tweak configuration templates
  • Save multiple configuration templates for different types of deployments
  • Import/export templates to different CUCM instances
Day 1 provisioning is a labor-intensive process that takes special skills. ASB solves this problem with a wizard-driven interface to make CUCM site deployment easy, quick and consistent. The tool enables you to templatize and replicate dial plan configurations in CUCM without having to reinvent your standard configuration every time.

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