Akkadian Provision Manager vs. Cisco Prime Provisioning

Akkadian Provision Manager vs. Cisco Prime Provisioning

Key Feature Differences

Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) and Cisco Prime Provisioning are two software tools intended to simplify the native provisioning of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration.

APM is an alternative to the UC provisioning functionality of Cisco Prime. Many of our customers come to us after trying Cisco Prime and realizing its limitations. They want a turnkey replacement for Cisco Prime Provisioning. APM offers much more workflow automation and reporting capabilities. It’s easier to deploy, more intuitive to use and generates a faster and more powerful ROI.

Below are key feature differences:

Akkadian Provisioning Manager vs. Cisco Prime Provisioning

wdt_IDFeaturesDescriptionProvisioning ManagerCisco Prime
1Easy deploymentEasily Deploy and configure in less than 60 minutes on Linux virtual appliance
2Simple to learn/perform actionsProvisions a user with multiple devices and services in under 40 seconds
3Bulk provisioningAutomatically generates provisioning actions from custom based CSV templates for a simplified bulk provisioning experience.
4Quick template creationCreate templates by importing configurations based on existing devices.
5Automatic data populationAutomatically pull data from LDAP integrated environment to further streamline user provisioning and reduce errors.
6Streamlined moves, adds, changes or deletes (MACD)Add, Edit and Delete templates in a single action
7Field-level access controlProvides the ability to limit access to the field level
8Real-time provisioningProvision immediately without entering a queue-while providing real-time feedback
9Self-provisioningUsers can complete provisioning process using an IP phone service
10Zero-touch provisioningOffers a REST API in order to initiate the provisioning process when a ticket is opened in a workflow system such as ServiceNow, PeopleSoft or WorkDay

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