Simple and intuitive–that is why you love your iPhone or iPad. Your Apple products are your preferred devices and you most likely use them for everything. Well, almost everything. You wish you could use your iPad or iPhone more effectively with work applications. Apple and Cisco made news Monday by announcing a partnership aimed at Apple users who want to use their devices for business. At the heart of the announcement is that Cisco will soon be optimizing its networks for seamless integration of iOS devices. But, for current iPhone and iPad users, “soon” isn’t fast enough. Akkadian Labs has developed software, Akkadian Provisioning Manager™, that provides the seamless Cisco Collaboration integration that Apple fans want today. For those wanting to use their iPad and iPhones for Cisco Webex Meetings or Cisco Jabber to make video calls or IM, set-up can be a painful process on the back-end. Not only is the process of provisioning the iOS devices for Cisco’s Collaboration suite challenging for the engineer or IT professional, but the co-worker using the device often experiences frustration. When IT professionals use Akkadian Provisioning Manager to provision Apple devices for Cisco’s Collaboration and Unified Communications environment, the process is streamlined and smooth. Not only can the job be done in 60 seconds, but the phone’s owner isn’t inconvenienced by service disruption. Using Cisco’s collaboration applications via iPads or iPhones should be a time saving, simple experience; Akkadian Provisioning Manager helps it become that.