Cisco UC Provisioning Software Comparison

Provisioning Tools Compared

Decide on a Provisioning Tool Right for You

Adding new users and devices to your company’s UC environment can be quite complex. Luckily, there are Cisco UC provisioning software tools on the market to help manage the tasks of making moves, adds, changes and deletes within the Cisco UC environment.

Where do you start when making the decision on which provisioning tool is for you? How do you ensure the solution you are adding is removing complexity?

Cisco UC Provisioning Tool Deployment

Start evaluating with the trial.

Consider which tools allow you to try the software before your purchase. Chances are, if the trial and deployment are difficult and time consuming, either you won’t use the tool, or will find it too cumbersome to implement. Akkadian Provisioning Manager™ is available for a free, 30-day fully supported trial.

Multiple Device Provisioning

Consider the ease in which the Cisco UC tool provisions multiple devices.

Investigate the software’s capability to simplify the steps it takes to provision a user with all of his or her devices. Akkadian Provisioning Manager  is able to provision multiple devices for a user with one single step.

Protect your Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Ensure your Cisco UC provisioning tool adds security to your Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

An added benefit of the right provisioning tool is that the process simplification allows less trained team members to handle moves, adds, changes, and deletes within the UC environment. However, you don’t want just anyone to have access to your company’s communication systems. Clusters could be disassociated; entire offices could lose all phone services in an instant. Akkadian Provisioning Manager offers roles-based permissions down to the field level.

Faster Cisco UC Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a software solution that simplifies Cisco UC provisioning.

Cisco UC Provisioning Software

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