Akkadian Provisioning Manager—DN Management

Directory Number Management in Real-Time with Akkadian Provisioning Manager

The Importance of Directory Number Management

Directory number management is crucial to ensuring that organizations don’t run out of numbers or needlessly spend money on new telephone numbers in the process of provisioning and deprovisioning users in Cisco Collaboration or hybrid Cisco/Microsoft Teams UC environments. For organizations with over 200 employees, a manual spreadsheet for tracking available phone numbers is unwieldy, costly, and counterproductive.

The Difficulties of Manual Directory Number Management

Manual tracking of directory numbers—usually a number inventory on a spreadsheet—is time-consuming and highly prone to error among multiple provisioners. In a manual system, very often phone numbers will go unnoticed when employees leave. As such, other provisioners don’t know which numbers are available. And so begins the unnecessary purchasing of new Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers to accommodate new employees.

The Ideal Directory Number Management Software Solution

For organizations with over 200 employees, a manual spreadsheet for tracking available phone numbers is unwieldy, costly, and counterproductive. Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s Directory Number Pools are the ideal solution for managing phone numbers in an organization of any size.

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Capabilities include:

Automatic Assignment of Numbers: Akkadian Provisioning Manager automatically selects the first available number not being used in Cisco Collaboration or hybrid Cisco/Microsoft Teams UC environments. This number can be taken from a range of numbers that are assigned for a particular group of employees—a legal department, for instance, may receive numbers with the last four digits from the numerical range of 8000-8200. This can be done automatically, or the provisioner can choose one manually from a list of available numbers. Extension Management: Akkadian Provisioning Manager doesn’t only manage DID numbers, but also extensions. Consider, for instance, that in a large company with 30,000 numbers, 20% may be non-DID extensions for conference rooms, common area phones, etc.—our DN Pools help to organize and assign these extensions as well as the main DID numbers. Directory Number Aging: For large organizations where employees are being provisioned and deprovisioned on a daily basis, it is critical that old numbers aren’t immediately being assigned as soon as they become available. With our DN aging feature, a recently deprovisioned number only becomes available after a set duration of time determined by the provisioner. This ensures that new employees aren’t being pestered by calls to the previous user of that phone number. Bulk Assignment of Directory Numbers: Automatic directory number ranges can be easily configured in our Bulk Provisioning tool. Say you work in a large law firm, and that every year there are 500 summer interns hired. As mentioned above, Akkadian Provisioning Manager allows you to assign a specific DN range for different types of employees (or common area phones, conference rooms, etc.). This group of interns is then automatically assigned these numbers in the process of bulk provisioning, with provisioners confident that each number is available and correctly assigned. Real-Time Directory Number Management: In a large organization with multiple provisioners, it’s crucial that directory number management is executed in real-time. With Akkadian Provisioning Manager, once a provisioner selects a number, it is immediately unavailable to other provisioners. If the number goes unused for ten minutes, it is released back into the pool and made available again. DN Pool Importing: In instances where large numbers of DN pools need to be imported, Akkadian Provisioning Manager enables provisioners to do so with a simple CSV template.


Without a tool like Akkadian Provisioning Manager, directory number management is difficult, costly, and highly prone to errors that often result in the needless expenditure on additional telephone numbers. And unlike other provisioning tools, Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s DN management for Cisco Collaboration or hybrid Cisco/Microsoft Teams UC environments works across different clusters. Also, it’s built directly into our platform—no added costs or separate tools are required. We’d love to give you a custom demo!

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