Helping a Public Utility Solve a Major Enterprise Directory Flaw

A More Powerful Directory with Smarter Access

Our Client: A Public Utility Company Our client, a large public utility on the West Coast, had recently migrated their HR system to Workday. This platform also incorporated directory services for the company, which has thousands of employees. The Challenge: A Directory with Narrow Search Capabilities While Workday’s directory system worked well for individual names, it could not include the 2,000+ entries for phone numbers not associated with specific people, such as common area phones, conference rooms, help desks, and other support numbers—a major problem for such a sizeable company entrusted with a public good. Solution: A Robust Directory with Multiple Data Sources Once the HR manager realized that their directory lacked search capabilities for common area phones and other important lines, they approached the Manager of Telecom. The Manager of Telecom knew who to call immediately. She had worked with Akkadian Labs in the past and had “an amazing” experience with the simplicity and ease of deployment of Akkadian Provisioning Manager. She reached out to Akkadian and we were able to demonstrate Contact Manager and how easy it would be for the company to use as a full directory with multiple data sources that can include numbers not associated with individual employees. Results: A Big Problem Solved Quickly The simplicity and power of the product allowed the Manager of Telecom to implement Akkadian Contact Manager within a narrow time frame. She was tasked with the project two weeks prior to Christmas, and had it up and running before New Year’s! Contact Manager provided an easy way for their employees to search for other people as well as the phone numbers not associated with individual names. Conclusion: A Dynamic Cisco Directory that Provides Smarter Access Akkadian Contact Manager is more than just a directory—it’s a multi-faceted, dynamic tool which streamlines access to employees and other important phone numbers, with the power to optimize collaboration and teamwork.
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