How to Configure Single Number Reach

Receive incoming calls to any phone!

Single Number Reach, or SNR, is an important feature of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) for ensuring that knowledge workers can receive incoming calls wherever there is a phone.  This feature allows users of Cisco Collaboration phones to send their calls to remote phone numbers which can ring simultaneously. For example, when a call comes into your phone number in CUCM, it will send the call to your cell. You can also configure SNR to activate after a certain number rings—if after three rings there is no answer on your desk phone, you can have it then direct the call to your mobile phone. If the call goes unanswered on any of your configured phones, it will default to the Cisco Collaboration voice mail. This is a great tool for maintaining business continuity during vacations, remote working situations, and for alternate workstations. Without an automated provisioning tool like Akkadian Provisioning Manager, setting up SNR can be time consuming and inconsistent. But with Provisioning Manager, you have this feature enabled as a routine part of the normal on-boarding process, with no additional clicks required from Admins.  More than an extension number, SNR works for all phones—cell phones, home phones, desk phones, and common area office phones—and is not exclusive to Cisco IP phones. After on-boarding is complete, end users can assign their remote number using Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s self-service portal.  Value to Admins:
  • Configure SNR in one single action with routine on-boarding
  • In avoiding a multi-step process of configuration, consistency is guaranteed
Value to End Users:
  • Easy number set up via the Akkadian Provisioning Manager self-service portal
  • Receive calls no matter where you are
  • Business continuity
Use Cases:
  • Vacation
  • Remote working
  • Alternate workspaces
Configuring Single Number Reach with Akkadian Provisioning Manager is consistent, fast, and easy for both Admins and end users!