Turnkey Unified Communications Solutions

Built for UC Engineers and UC Users

Akkadian Labs is a software developer in the “collaboration space”. We deliver unified communications solutions purpose-built for and compatible with Cisco products. What We Do We are uniquely positioned to help solve client issues in a couple of ways. One, we help leverage the investments you’ve already made in UC, creating an easier time deploying, managing, adopting and using the technology. Two, we work with clients who are looking for new ways to innovate and serve their customers better through technology initiatives. Our software enables IT teams to improve their service level agreement (SLAs) for UC. More specifically, our ecosystem of products is designed to:
  • Save IT personnel time
  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies
  • Increase user adoption of UC tools
  • Bridge the gaps in the capabilities of Cisco tools
  • Limit the need for expensive professional services
How We Do It As the graphic illustrates, we are a software layer that sits on top of Cisco, which seamlessly integrates with all the native Cisco Collaboration apps. Our suite of solutions includes products for: Additionally, our ecosystem includes:
  • Integration with ITSM, HR and identity management products via our RESTful API
  • An employee self-service portal
  • Support for end-user devices
  • Multiple directory sources

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