Akkadian Labs Announces the Release of Akkadian Contact Manager 3.5.18

Akkadian Labs has added new features to Akkadian Contact Manager, providing IT administrators with more capabilities when creating and managing a unified company directory. These updates support greater flexibility and customization. Here are the new features we’ve added to Akkadian Contact Manager:
  • Adding and Presenting Directory Groups With Directory Groups, administrators can add multiple Directory Service URLs to a group. The group will then appear as a menu of directories on the IP Phone.
  • Viewing the Web and Mobile Directory Listing Users now have the ability to choose which view they’d like to see in the Web and Mobile Directory listing—either a List or a Table.
  • Prompt Messaging when Creating a Service URL Contact Manager now has an optional prompt message that appears below a phone service’s name on an IP Phone. If left blank, it will insert the Service URL’s name.
  • Service URL Authentication Administrators now have a checkbox labeled “Authentication Required.” This feature allows them to enable or disable the login screen when accessing that specific Service URL.
There are also interface enhancements and minor bug fixes. You can access the Release Notes to learn more about what’s new, or see the Administration Guide to learn more about deployment and CUCM configuration.