Frequently Asked Questions

Akkadian Site Builder

What is Akkadian Site Builder (ASB)?

ASB is a day 1 provisioning solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). It’s a provisioning solution capable of quickly deploying new sites or dial plan configurations in CUCM.

What is day 1 provisioning?

Day 1 provisioning refers to the configuration that is required before adding users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. These would include items such as Device Pools, Partitions, CSS, Route Patterns, etc.

What are ASB Requirements?

Site Builder deploys as a self-contained virtual appliance with the following requirements:

  • VMWare ESXi 5.x+
  • 2vCPU, 8GB vMem, 80GB vDisk
  • CUCM version 10.5+

Who uses Akkadian Site Builder?

ASB is used by anyone tasked with setting up Cisco Unified Communications environment in a location, i.e. a business site.

Can I trial ASB to see if it’s what I need?

Yes! You are able to apply for a free, 30-day, fully supported trial today. Apply for your free trial here.

Do you offer training on this software?

We will train you on best practices during the fully supported trial. Training videos are also available on our Customer Portal.