Providing a UC Management Solution to a Large Healthcare System

Bulk provisioning, DN Management, and API Triggers

Customer: One of the Largest Healthcare Providers in America Our customer is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country, with 70,000 employees spanning 35 clusters—including 23,000 flex users, and 3,000 Packaged-Contact Center Enterprise (P-UCCE) call agents. UC Provisioning Challenge: Integrating and Automating Their Cisco Environment Prior to working with Akkadian Labs, the customer had purchased a competitor solution which provided them no discernible ROI. Quickly abandoning that, and with only 33% of their clusters on Cisco, they needed a turnkey, flexible solution that could work across clusters in a moving target environment where the number of users fluctuates unpredictably. They specifically needed an automation solution that could help them:
  • Migrate new users over to Cisco quickly, consistently, and efficiently
  • Manage and organize tens of thousands of DID numbers
  • Integrate their workforce management system with Cisco
Solution: A Turnkey Solution, Flexible Enough for a Moving Target Environment Akkadian Provisioning Manager was right on target in helping the customer in the automation and integration of their highly dynamic Cisco UC environment. Specifically, the following features were key:
  • Bulk Provisioning helped them to on-board and off-board users from a single CSV file
  • Real-time DN management helped to assign, de-commission, and organize DID numbers
  • API Triggers helped them to sync up Cisco Collaboration with their workforce management system, creating a coherent ecosystem
And while Akkadian Provisioning Manager is easy to deploy and adopt straight out of the box, it was flexible enough to handle the unique needs of a such a large organization. Result: An Integrated UC Environment The customer was excited to use a system with a defined ROI to help them navigate the complexities of their massive UC environment. Migrating to Cisco, as well as syncing up critical applications with their UC environment helped to ensure their IT stack communicated as an efficient, productive ecosystem. Schedule a Demo