Keep Critical Systems in Sync with your UC Platform

New API Triggers for Akkadian Provisioning Manager

In today’s collaboration environments, it’s important that your critical applications stay in sync with your unified communications platform. Keeping these apps from being siloed typically requires APIs that take time and effort to program—time that could be better spent on more strategic initiatives for your organization.

Akkadian Labs is excited to announce the new API Triggers feature for Akkadian Provisioning Manager. API Triggers help to reduce manual work by automatically updating 3rd party systems like Salesforce, Zoom, Verint, RedSky, Epic, and others that exist outside of UC platforms (Cisco Collaboration/Microsoft Teams). Triggers set to execute after the completion of any Provisioning Manager job can:

  • Connect to and update any system that accepts a RESTful API call
  • Create a library of triggers—once built, triggers can be added to any provisioning job
  • Enable multi-step processes via “API Trigger Groups”

API Triggers extend provisioning actions outside of Cisco. For example, when a new employee is on-boarded, after the Cisco Collaboration provisioning job is complete, a trigger updates the employee’s phone number in Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

The ability to easily connect applications within your complex technology stack has a powerful ROI—saving time and reducing errors—so your team can focus on more strategic projects.

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