UC Transformation in Government

How These Changes Are Leading to More Efficient Local, State and Federal Government

Some government agencies are still clinging to older, analog PBX telephone systems and are paying a steep price for it. There are significant benefits from migrating away from a PBX system to a modern collaboration environment, including:
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Security and Reduced Risk
  • Better Collaboration
Cost Savings Users of PBX telephone systems found that phantom phone lines racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary charges each year. Looking for a better solution, city officials in Mentor, Ohio invested in a unified communications platform from Cisco Systems, which supports more than just person-to-person calls. This modern collaboration system, along with network upgrades, will help the city reduce it’s communications costs by about $1 million over the next five years. Improved Security and Reduced Risk But it’s not just cost savings alone that are leading these government entities to make the switch. Tighter security and the ability to support an integrated platform more effectively, leads to better controls. Additionally, by implementing two onsite Cisco UC servers – one for production and one as a backup system for high availability — you significantly reduce the risk of a communication breakdown, compared to relying on a single legacy PBX. Better Collaboration Effective government needs to encourage a collaborative work environment. These older systems obstruct productivity opportunities associated with more collaborative workplaces. Elected officials and their staff assemble and shape the needs of the community through laws, budgets and governance. With that comes the necessity for an effective streamlined communication system, whether it’s through public servants receiving calls while out in the field, with call forwarding or the ability to join web conferencing without using a separate application. Easy Deployment and Administration with Akkadian UC Solutions Furthermore, given that most UC/telecom people at local, state and federal governments are “one-man-bands”, a UC provisioning automation tool, such as Akkadian Provisioning Manager, can cost-effectively help streamline the administration of UC across multiple collaboration applications.
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