Benefits of Unified Communication in the Education System

How UC Creates More Collaborative, Safer and Cost-effective Schools

Unified Communication (UC) solutions and modern collaboration tools provide educational institutions with high-quality voice, video and collaboration solutions over a single network. This improves administrative efficiencies and service levels, while keeping communications costs affordable. There are significant benefits from adopting a UC system in educational institutions:
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Crisis Management
  • Cost Savings
Related: Unified Communications ROI Improved Collaboration With the use of UC , teachers and administrators can improve collaboration with colleagues, parents, and students from anywhere and at any time. The whole point of UC in education is to help faculty members, students, and visitors communicate and collaborate throughout the campus to maximize success, with a positive user experience. For instance, features such as call handling and routing ensure efficient staff and student interaction. Crisis Management A well-integrated emergency communications plan should be part of the equation at any school-based safety program. When a crisis occurs, lives can be saved with more efficient communications. Schools that are able to instantly connect staff to first responders in an emergency are safer. Administrators who can notify the right personnel of an emergency with a push of a button are more prepared. Cost Savings In the past, advanced and feature-rich phone systems were reserved for large corporations and organizations, mainly because they were expensive to own. However, this has become a thing of the past. UC solutions have made it easier and more cost efficient for organizations of any size to have access to a reliable communication system. By eliminating underutilized phone capacity, educational institutions can achieve a better ROI with UC than with a legacy PBX system. Furthermore, a UC provisioning automation tool, such as Akkadian Provisioning Manager, can cost-effectively help streamline the administration of UC across multiple collaboration applications at K-12, colleges and universities:
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