We’ve investigated the 8800 Series phone and found these five great features.

The Cisco 8800 Series IP phone is intended for on-premises, branch-office and remote workers–anyone in your operations with moderate to active voice communication needs.

1. High Sound Quality

Boasting acoustically enhanced hardware and full duplex wideband audio performance, the 8800 Series delivers what Cisco believes to be the best audiophile experience it has ever delivered in an IP phone. Features include ETSI compliance for echo cancellation and vibration-isolation technology for both microphone and speaker.

2. Simple Mobile-Device Integration

Using Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity technology, mobile devices can be integrated into the 8800 Series. The technology allows mobile users to move the audio portion of a call to the IP phone, and users also can import contacts and call histories into 8800 Series phones, and even charge mobile devices via USB ports. This series offers Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Varied Product Line and System Expandability

The 8800 portfolio includes seven end points–all Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or SIP-based products that support Cisco unified-communication features. A scalable platform, the 8800 Series offers expansion modules when extra keys are needed. Unique to this series, each optional Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module (or sidecar) offers 36 additional programmable line or feature keys beyond the five that come standard with these phones. And, as many as three expansion modules are supported, for a total of 108 additional line or feature keys.

4. High-Quality Video Merge

With Cisco WebEx and Jabber, users can employ a laptop for visuals and the desk phone for audio, as 720p HD video works on your IP phone via one-touch collaboration.

5. Company-Wide Use

The 8800 Series was developed for knowledge workers, as well as administrative, managerial, and executive staff. It also works in shared-workspace environments. With the Cisco Spark Phone OS, the series provides flexible deployment options, whether in Cisco on-premises, cloud or hybrid configurations. To ease use, the series provides support for Cisco Expressway, which gives remote workers single sign-on access without a VPN client.

Boost Directory Performance with Akkadian Labs

It’s important to note, that like all Cisco IP phones, 8800 Series phones do not offer a simple and easy-to-use directory. Consider adding directory software such as akkadian Global Directory, which, unlike some software solutions for Cisco IP phones, works on video endpoints. The easy-to-use akkadian Global Directory software works across mobile devices as well as the 8800 Series. It simplifies directory management for IT while providing an intuitive directory search interface, making it easy to locate and connect with contacts.

Learn More About the 8800 Series

You may learn more about the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series in this video from Cisco which offers more technical information than its 8800 Phone Series page. To learn more about how akkadian Global Directory can add improved contact functionality across the 8800 Series as well as mobile devices, visit https://www.akkadianlabs.com/products/akkadian-contact-manager/.

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