How Provisioning Manager Transformed Collaboration for a Vehicle Manufacturing Titan

Streamlining Cisco UC at a Global Enterprise

Client: A Global Leader in Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Our client is a global titan in the commercial vehicle (truck) manufacturing industry with over 10,000 employees. Their old, manual approach to managing CUCM was inefficient, difficult to use, and badly in need of an upgrade. Challenge: A Messy System with Inefficient Licensing In overhauling the management of their collaboration system, the client wanted an easy-to-use automation platform that could:
  • Clean up their licensing (incorrect de-provisioning of phones and orphaned licenses)
  • Offload manual and repetitive work from senior engineers to the HelpDesk
  • Help them to track work for greater accountability
Solution: Auto-Delete, Role-Based Access, and Advanced Reporting After analyzing several UC provisioning automation platforms, the customer quickly realized that only Akkadian Provisioning Manager could provide everything they needed:
  • Auto-delete and license awareness features to help optimize their use of Cisco licenses
  • Role-based access that allows engineers to securely offload tasks to the HelpDesk
  • Provisioning Manager’s audit trails for enhanced visibility
Result: A Cleaner, More Efficient Way to Manage Collaboration With Akkadian Provisioning Manager fully (and smoothly) deployed, our customer is very excited about the efficiencies, ease of use, and licensing optimization capabilities of the platform! To see what Akkadian Provisioning Manager can do for you, schedule a demo today!