Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s Native Integration with Active Directory

Zero-Touch Cisco UC On-Boarding

For IT professionals, the holy grail of any automation initiative is the complete elimination of any manual work. For UC Engineers, Voice Managers or Telecom Engineers specifically, zero-touch on-boarding of new unified communications users is the goal. Luckily, Akkadian Provisioning Manager includes a native integration with Microsoft Active Directory which facilitates zero-touch on-boarding.

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On a high level, there is a 4-step process between Akkadian Provisioning Manager, Microsoft Active Directory and the Cisco suite of unified communications applications which is easily deployed.
  • Step 1 – Akkadian Provisioning Manager looks for new employees in Active Directory. If new employees are found, Provisioning Manager moves on to Step 2. You can set how often you want to check AD for new employees – every day, every hour, whatever.
  • Step 2 – Akkadian Provisioning Manager automatically creates accounts for any new employee it has found, in all the relevant Cisco unified communications applications. You can even customize which UC applications are provisioned based on AD Groups, by matching it with a Group in Provisioning Manager.
  • Step 3 – Akkadian Provisioning Manager then sends the phone number of the new employee to Active Directory where it is stored with all the other employee information.
  • Step 4 – The final step to close the loop is for Akkadian Provisioning Manager to send an email to the new user with all the new details about their unified communications accounts.
All this happens in real-time without any manual work from the IT team or the ServiceDesk. This process has multiple benefits:
  • Elimination of manual work
  • Better provisioning consistency and reduced errors
  • Improved communications the UC end user
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