Cisco VAR Finds Reliable UC Console for Its Busy Front Desk

As a value-added reseller (VAR) of Cisco Collaboration technology, Alexander Open Systems (AOS) uses Unified Communications in its own business operations. Cisco Unified Communications Manager forms the backbone of the company’s collaboration infrastructure. Incoming calls are handled by AOS’ busy front desk staff using attendant console software and a Windows-based PC. Prior to 2014, the receptionists used a complimentary software provided with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to manage incoming calls. However, the receptionists felt they weren’t able to manage their workloads effectively because of this console software’s inefficiencies. Therefore, in 2014, the AOS internal IT team began looking for a new solution.

Receptionist Reports Old Console Distracted and Inhibited Productivity

AOS’ receptionist Stephanie Chaffee recalls both user experience and functionality issues with the original console that made it difficult for her to complete her duties. For one thing, she couldn’t be away from the front desk and answer a call. This became hindersome to Chaffee as she, like many front desk representatives, often move around the office during the day. Additionally, the receptionist found answering and transferring calls unnecessarily cumbersome. For example, an incoming call would appear in one field, but then prior to pick-up, the call moved to a new field. This caused the receptionist to perform extra dragging and dropping of lines with her mouse. Other features the team noticed lacking included the ability to change font size, as well as the ability to easily transfer to cell or home numbers.

Team Finds a Streamlined Console

Akkadian Console provides both features the front desk staff were searching for: streamlined call handling and flexible corporate directory software. For example, with Akkadian Console, home and cell numbers are part of the directory. Previously, the team was required to save these ancillary numbers as speed dials. This led to an overwhelming speed dial list with over 120 numbers. The team cut that number in half when they moved to Akkadian Console. “Akkadian Labs truly understands how ease of access to number destination is important to the efficiency of a busy front desk phone system. Well done, Akkadian Labs,” Stephanie Chaffee, AOS, Receptionist. Related: How to Use Your Cisco Remote Destination Profiles

Akkadian Console Is Intuitive and Flexible

It’s not a coincidence that Chaffee finds Akkadian Console intuitive to her busy receptionist role, or that over 500 companies use the software. Akkadian Labs designed the Akkadian Console to have a flexible yet intuitive interface that would leave users with little need for training. It’s not just the front office staff that found the console intuitive. The internal IT team for AOS was able to download the software directly from the Akkadian Labs site and setup in 15 minutes. Moreover, Akkadian Console has continued to evolve since it was first introduced. Akkadian Labs offers multiple deployment options in addition to the original server-less Akkadian Console, which has over 5,000 licenses deployed. Akkadian Console is also available as a web or server deployment. “The software is glitch-free. It’s a dream.” Stephanie Chaffee, AOS, Receptionist.