How to Use Your Cisco Remote Destination Profiles

Enabling Single Number Reach and more

Your Cisco remote destination profile (RDP) is critical in enterprise phone configuration for Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM). In addition to enabling single number reach (SNR), this profile is the information hub for remote destinations and scheduling incoming calls to ring at remote destination numbers. Uses for Your Cisco Remote Destination Profile The Cisco remote destination profile is necessary in the provisioning process for telephony in Cisco Unified Communications, in particular to enable mobility and continuity between various phones. Overall, there are two main uses for your remote destination profile:
  • Enabling single number reach
  • Scheduling calls to ring at the correct phones
Cisco Remote Destination Profiles Enable Single Number Reach Single number reach allows users of Cisco Collaboration phones to send their calls to remote phone numbers which can ring simultaneously. For example, when your phone number in CUCM has an incoming call, it will send the call to your cellular phone number. You can also configure SNR to activate after a certain number of rings—for example, if after three rings there is no answer on your desk phone, you can have CUCM (Call Manager) then direct the call to your mobile phone. If the call goes unanswered on any of your configured phones, it will default to the Cisco Collaboration voice mail. This is a great tool for maintaining business continuity during vacations, remote working situations, and for alternate workstations. In Akkadian Provisioning Manager, single number reach relies on the remote destination profile for remote destination configuration. This function updates the end user, adding SNR support and then provisions and associates a Remote Destination Profile to the user and line. This has tremendous value to end users, including:
  • Easy number set up via the Akkadian Provisioning Manager self-service portal
  • Receive calls no matter where you are
  • Business continuity
Designating and Scheduling Phones with Cisco Remote Destination Profiles When you create a remote destination profile, you can also enable the scheduling of incoming calls to various destinations. Your Cisco remote destination profile has a weekly calendar where you can dictate when an incoming call rings on a particular phone, on a particular day. For instance, if you know that every Tuesday you will be away from your main desk phone and only reachable via your cell phone, you can schedule this into your remote destination profile to ensure that the call reaches you while you are mobile. This feature is enormously helpful for workers in hybrid office/work-from-home situations, as well as for vacations, and regular alternate workstations.