akkadian Provisioning Manager Express 4.6 Has Arrived

Provisioning Cisco Collaboration gets even easier with new phone swap tool

We have three brand new ways that akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) is revolutionizing Cisco Collaboration management by saving admins time. We are proud to announce the addition of a phone swap tool, self-provisioning and license pools.

Phone Swap

Our aPME 4.6 Phone Swap tool provides the ability to swap or copy configurations between almost any of the phone models in Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager.
For example, the Cisco IP 7900 series has reached end-of-life. Many organizations are replacing these phones with a newer model. Without aPME, this can be a tedious task of manually provisioning the new phone, re-associating the line to the device, and then the device to the user. But, our clients have an easier, smarter way. aPME Phone Swap allows you to simply select the source phone, enter a few details about the destination phone and you are done!
Want to be able to swap phones from your mobile device? We are working on it and will be releasing support for Phone Swap on IOS and Android devices shortly after the release of aPME 4.6.


The next time-saving feature we’re happy to announce is self-provisioning. When your company has a new employee starting, simply provision the user using aPME with a dummy mac address. When the new employee first arrives at his new desk, he can complete the provisioning process by entering his self-service ID on the phone and aPME will handle the rest.

License Pool Manager

Our third new benefit saves time and money by helping to more effectively manage licensing in Cisco Communications Manager. aPME already does a great job of associating end users to phones, but what about situation where phones are not associated to users? These could be common area phones or phones in retail or manufacturing locations. aPME License Pools help organizations by:

  • Automatically creating local licensr users in CUCM
  • Automatically assigning phones to these license users
  • Managing the ongoing process as phoned are deleted and added to the CUCM end user template being used

Join the Akkadian Labs webinar on Tuesday, May 11, 2016 to learn more about the new ways aPME is lightening the load for Cisco Collaboration administrators. We’ll also be over viewing the new akkadian Console Operator optional server, as well as the brand new akkadian Global Directory 3.0.

Easier and Faster Cisco Provisioning

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) now offers phone swap, self-provisioning and license pools. Learn more about our latest releases on our webinar Tuesday, May 11 at 2PM EST.


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Amy Thacker

Amy Thacker is the Marketing Manager at Akkadian Labs. Amy's favorite way to use Collaboration technology is to make video calls to offsite co-workers.