Bulk Provisioning: A Big Solution for a Big Challenge

Save time when adding or deleting multiple users in a single group

The Challenge of Mass Adds or Deletes in Cisco Collaboration Big organizations have big provisioning challenges, especially when it comes to:
  • Batch processing new hires or separations
  • Rolling out work-from-home UC applications during a crisis
  • Automating the on-boarding and off-boarding of groups of temporary or seasonal employees
  • Migrating new users to CUCM following a company merger or acquisition
Manually provisioning all those new employees and their devices can be cumbersome. The enormous time expenditure, in turn, draws vital IT resources away from the more strategic needs of their organization.
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The Solution: Do it in Bulk! The bulk provisioning feature of Akkadian Provisioning Manager easily enables Admins to create or delete multiple users and devices from a single file, with no scripting necessary. Significantly reducing the time and effort that would otherwise be required, it’s an ideal tool for boosting productivity. A Powerful Tool for Working Smarter Our bulk provisioning tool boasts a robust set of features which help to streamline the manual task of provisioning hundreds or even thousands of users and devices:
  • Supports 2 job types: Adds and Deletes
  • Leverages existing jobs you’ve built in Provisioning Manager—no need for special configuration
  • Easy to use—just drag over the job you want to run and download the CSV file
  • Configure multiple Cisco Collaboration apps from a single CSV file
  • Can use DN management – choose the appropriate DN pool to automatically select a number
  • Schedule, or execute in real-time
Depending on the size of the bulk provisioning file and the number of UC applications being provisioned, this may take some time to process. Rest assured that call processing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) will NOT be affected during bulk provisioning. Bulk Provisioning is a Productivity Booster The upshot of all that time saved from bulk provisioning is a boost in productivity. Imagine all the time it once took to manually provision large groups of users, and imagine the impact it would have were it spent on more pressing, strategic business needs. That’s the beauty of doing it in bulk! Schedule a demo to learn how Akkadian Provisioning Manager can do this for you.
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