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akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME)

Learn why aPME has been chosen by leaders in their industries to help simplify moves, adds, changes and deletes within their Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) environments.

Industries using akkadian Provisioning Manager Express

  • Finance

    Global Financial Services

    UCC Environment: global locations with 30,000 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • Provisioners were distributed globally, creating training & security challenges

    Why aPME:

    • aPME simplified provisioning
    • aPME limited access to clusters by location


    Teaching Hospital

    UCC Environment: multi-site with 15,000 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • Hundreds of weekly MACDs required many provisioning hours and personnel
    • Many provisioners accessing the system is a security threat
    • Consistency was an issue–every provisioner had his/her own way of performing MACDs

    Why aPME:

    • Reduced provisioning time from 17 minutes to one minute per MACD
    • 66% of provisioning resources were redirected to higher-level tasks
    • Limited system access from 15 to five provisioners
    • Simplified templates brought consistency

    Real Estate

    Temporary Real Estate

    UCC Environment: multi-site with 4,000 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • Clients expect phones to be ready-on-arrival
    • Speedy provisioning compromised accuracy
    • Restricting CUCM access by location would increase system security

    Why aPME:

    • Client trained new provisioners in a matter of hours, rather than weeks
    • Provisioners could prepare new office space very quickly with little notice
    • Customized system access based on location


    Commercial Insurance

    UCC Environment: multi-site with 5,000 users, each with multiple devices

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • Process required highly-skilled Cisco engineers but the engineers were unable to manage the workload
    • Tools like aPME and Cisco Prime offered a potential solution to the workload issue
    • Simplicity could allow help desk users to complete MACD work

    Why aPME:

    • Client found aPME less complex and easier to use than Cisco Prime
    • Streamlined process by allowing helpdesk to provision


    General Construction

    UCC Environment: multi-site with 2,000 users, each with multiple devices

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • In response to a company-wide initiative to automate and streamline processes, the IT team needed a way to simplify and offload Cisco Collaboration management
    • The solution needed to be flexible to accommodate all of the sites’ individual requirements

    Why aPME:

    • aPME simplified Cisco provisioning, making it easier and faster while offering the ability to fully off-load this work
    • aPME met each location’s unique requirements because of its customizable feature set and overall flexibility


    Global Law Firm

    UCC Environment: international, multi-site with 2,000 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • The client’s key requirement was to reduce the provisioning process from a two-team process involving both the engineering and help desk teams, to a one-team process managed solely by help desk

    Why aPME:

    • The tool’s simplicity and security allowed the help desk to completely manage MACD work, freeing the engineers for more high-value activities


    Automotive Supplier

    UCC Environment: multi-site with 2,200 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • Auto part supplier was replacing a NEC PBX phone system with 300 Cisco phones as part of a new Cisco UC deployment.
    • The IT staff with limited experience with Cisco needed something easy to learn

    Why aPME:

    • aPME was simple to download and learn
    • By using aPME, an administrator not familiar with Cisco systems became proficient with MACDs very quickly
    • Akkadian Labs’ support was critical to client’s decision


    Cisco partner and Managed Services Provider

    UCC Environment: managing 300 devices for various clients

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • The service provider was looking for a way to offer new services and allow specific client resources to self-provision via a web-based interface
    • The client needed to be able to brand the web-based interface with their own logo
    • To support multiple managed services customers, the client needed to host multiple clusters and tenants

    Why aPME:

    • The client liked aPME’s simple interface
    • Akkadian Labs’ development team added the ability to brand the interface
    • aPME offered multi-tenant capability


    Home Mortgage

    UCC Environment: single-site with 300 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • The mortgage broker was new to Cisco and migrating to CUCM 10.x from a digital PBX
    • The staff needed to be trained quickly

    Why aPME:

    • The client’s Cisco partner recommended aPME for provisioning over Cisco Prime, which was included in the new CUCM purchase
    • aPME impressed with how easy it was for a non-technical person to navigate the interface and perform provisioning tasks


    Medical Billing

    UCC Environment: call center with 300 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • The billing firm had a high-volume of MACD work due to high-turnover personnel
    • They needed to be able to integrate with Cisco’s Call Center Express
    • The team wanted to offload provisioning from engineer to less technical personnel

    Why aPME:

    • aPME allowed them to decrease MACD turnaround time from 18 to one minute per MACD
    • The firm was able to offload provisioning to a lower technical-tier
    • aPME supports Cisco’s Call Center Express


    Public School District

    UCC Environment: multi-site with 250 users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • Onsite staff had little Cisco VoIP experience
    • Needed to be able to make MACDs outside of CUCM

    Why aPME:

    • aPME’s easy interface allowed the team to perform their tasks without compromising CUCM


    Food Bank

    UCC Environment: single-site with 250 multi-device users

    Why simplify provisioning:

    • The team needed a tool simple enough for the help desk to complete MACD work
    • The nonprofit was not satisfied with its current tool, Cisco Prime, because of its complexity

    Why aPME:

    • aPME offered a streamlined, secure way to grant access to and offload MACD work to non-engineering help desk personnel

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