Case Study

Migration from Avaya to Cisco UC Made Easy with Bulk Provisioning

Company Meredith Corporation is a publicly traded print and digital media company that owns nationally renowned publications and has experienced huge growth following its long-sought-after acquisition of Time Inc. Challenge The compelling event that drove Meredith to adopt a provisioning automation solution was the need to migrate 2,400 users from the newly acquired Time Inc. offices onto their Cisco UC platform. The team sought to migrate from a hosted Avaya Communications system to the Cisco UC platform as efficiently as possible.
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Bulk Provisioning Feature Using Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s bulk provisioning feature, the company’s engineering team executed a one-time migration of the users to Cisco UC over a single weekend. Bulk provisioning allowed the team to utilize one spreadsheet to create all the different devices for the new users—a job that would have required five or more spreadsheets without this tool from Akkadian Labs. Benefits Tim Bassett, the project lead, estimates that he personally saved at least 30 hours using bulk provisioning to build the phones and their associated UC accounts, each of which took only seconds to execute. He and two other engineers were able to support all 2,400 users on “day one,” says Bassett, resolving at least 150 helpdesk tickets “in no time at all… that would have taken hours without Akkadian.”
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